Limbo. How Low Can You Go.....

I have the blahs. The worst case of the blahs I have ever had in my life. My get up and go left a while ago and I can only assume it's in Mexico by now... it really stinks that it never asked if I wanted to go but I promise to forgive it when and if it comes back. I hope it brings me a coconut monkey man.... I haven't had anyone bring me one in years. 

Anyway, it's super hard to write a blog post right now, mostly because the project is on hold for a bit.

Ugh. I think I just located the source of my blahs... sigh.

I will post anyway. It might make me feel better and I hope it might have the cathartic effect it's had on me in the past. Here we go...

Ok, so it's been a long time since I have written and a lot has happened since. First, I decided to move the house location to the moose bed area. I hope they won't be upset but I think I dreamed up the moose frolicking and playing there. Honestly, I don't see the prints in the snow to support it. Most of the prints are in spot that Paul cleared for me so I guess I could consider it kind of a rocking fauna dance floor now. We really only cleared about 20 spindly trees, I can use the firewood and it will all grow back quickly so it's ok. Also, the critters love the tippy top branches that I laid in a pile and I think everyone from the rabbits to the deer are enjoying it. 

These are the moose prints through the old house site area. You can tell it's moose by how long the stride is.

It also seems that I have lynx. I know you can't tell but I'm amped...

This is the new area I would like to put the house. It's grassy and I think it has the potential for being damp but it has never been terrible while I was visiting and it doesn't suffer the mosquitoes like the forest area does in the summer. Also, way more sun means way more solar power. 

These are my friends Lazarus and Brent there in the summer. Believe it or not, they were actually texting each other... 

It's sunny. It's also closer to the lake and would be just past the next stand of trees from the proposed site drawing the architect supplied. 

Speaking of drawings, this is the final plan. I love it so much that it made me cry and not just because I'm not sure when I will be able to build it... it just couldn't be more perfect. 

Pretty cool, huh? Yeah, I know. The architect and I had a bit of a falling out a while ago due to our communication barriers and it really made me question his commitment to the project but once I saw these, I knew that he had my very best interest in his heart and understood what I needed emphatically. But my confidence was shaken and paired with the crummy work year I have had, I felt I had to put it on hold. I'm really bummed. 

I still go out there every chance I get and last week I was able to bring some friends for a walk out on the lake. Lori and I stayed close to shore while Garrell and Eldon headed out further. It was a perfectly beautiful day.


We sent Eldon out to check the ice for strength. He's the youngest, probably the lightest, and definitely spry enough to get himself out of a jam if need be. 

Garrell joined him and Lori and I stayed behind to watch and talk. 

Lori and Eldon have had a very bad year, one I can't even comprehend. She lost her son Henry and he his brother to suicide in October. Her pain is excruciating... Lori brought a bit of Henry's ashes with her and while we talked she let the wind take him across the lake... I was terribly honoured to have her entrust me with him. I hope to have a place for her and Eldon to come and spend time soon and I am moving forward in my head and heart... I pray the winter begins to fade soon... we need the sun on our faces, birdsong in our ears, and a fresh start. Spring brings hope.

Thank you for sticking with me.  I hope to have more news soon.