Blueberries and Creative Standstills...August 1, 2016

I feel a bit behind in posts and know that I'm at least one behind as I really should have written about the day my family came out to see Spirit Moose, my Auntie Anne, Uncle Brian, Auntie Suzanne, Uncle Dan, cousin Katie, her partner Bruce Virgin (best name ever) and my sweet mom who couldn't get down to the lake but came out of excitement and support for me and how much I love that place. I actually locked my keys in the car because I was so excited when they got there and my mom noted later that I totally blew off the disaster and impending 2.5 hour wait for the AMA. She thinks it's because I'm at peace there and she's completely right. Another couple of hours of birdwatching? OK! 

Anyway here are some shots from the day and my big blonde adventure...


The lake was beautiful and alive with birds that day.

Team family that accompanied me to the lake, two of them in flip flops... very brave. 

My new neighbours, they are quite friendly but don't smoke. I asked.

Some crazy assed fungus that was growing on a fallen log that looks like icicles. Pretty damn cool - there's lots to see when you have a couple hours to kill!


So mini post within a post and I hope it's not the most interesting part of this post but could well be... 

At this moment there is no definitive plan. My architect has sent me 3 plans and I have not been on board with any of them... I love them all for how innovative and interesting they are and this one actually got me the most excited once I gave it another chance. 


And though it floated my boat a bit more buoyantly than the others, it wasn't perfect. I liked the second storey loft and bathroom but really want a larger living area, the space tucked away in the back felt wasted to me and with a full loft upstairs, I didn't feel it was necessary so I tweaked it a bit and came up with a plan that I really loved. Super simple but by the time I plotted it out on my 3D planner, I was ready to move in. It was completely furnished by the time I was done so why not?


That plan is based on the same square footage and ceiling line as my architect had planned but I just tucked the bathroom back a bit and gave myself a decent sized storage room for water tanks, solar panel electrics, the composter for the toilet, etc.  Yes, I picked tile out already...

I suggested the tweak to my architect and I don't think he was quite as excited as I was... he really wants it to be more unique and innovative which I understand and is the original reason that I connected with him, he is uber talented and I want something of a signature of his because one day he is going to be a rockstar architect -I know we can get to where we both need to be. So in speaking we have both came to the conclusion that we have a significant language barrier... he speaks better english than most of the people that I know (he uses words like verbose and phrases like "restrained by constraints") but of course, I don't speak french and I might use those words occasionally but not in real life so he's going to come up in the next couple of weeks so we can hash it out. I'm sure he would be lost completely if I described the meet as that.

In the meantime, I HAVE BLUEBERRIES! Gobs of them! As far as the eye can see! I went up the other day to daydream and smudge and this is what met me.




I picked...

I made wild blueberry creme brullee yesterday and I have to say it was one of the best things I have ever eaten. That's French right? Maybe I will make more for the architect...

I'm also very happy to say that the moose skull has resurfaced! It looks like it was dragged about 10 feet and picked pretty clean. I will move it to the entry when I am completely satisfied that it's empty. I think it will make a poignant land marker and isn't really far enough from the rest of him to make me feel guilty. I say that now but will undoubtedly panic the moment I realize I have done it and am now back in the city and unable to reverse it for a few weeks. My life is sometime more exciting than need be but it's good to be me. 

Here's part of his jaw... it makes me think he was hit by a truck... being broken in half, the other part is also about 10 feet away from the majority of him. 

I'm hoping that by the next post I have something truly exciting to write about but I have to admit that everything seems pretty massive there... which is technically strange as it couldn't be more simple. Sometimes I think that I couldn't be more lucky but in reality, I know that I couldn't be more deserving - simply because I see that. What a fantastic dichotomy. 

Thanks, as always for coming along with me.